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At The Myofunctional Space we work to assist your child to correct their muscle dysfunction to enable them to more effectively express their full genetic potential to grow healthy faces, jaws and to have straighter teeth.

Did you know that the shape of a child’s face, and the position of the jaws and teeth are affected by the function of the tongue, lips and cheeks?

It’s as if they are a moldable lump of clay, and the muscles surrounding them are acting like a sculptur. That sculptur can be functional or dysfunctional. Dysfunction can arise for many reasons including poor health, mouth breathing, bottle feeding, use of pacifiers and habits such as thumb sucking.

Form follows function.

– Louis Sullivan

We use a combination of orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT), myofunctional appliances such as Munchee and Myobrace, breathing training devices such as Sleepystrip, and expansion devices such as Biobloc Orthotropics.

Research has shown that proper breathing function, proper muscle function and healthy properly positioned jaws can have positive impacts on many childhood challenges including poor sleep, difficult behaviour and being bullied in school.

We believe that through empowerment and education, we can assist with an evolution in the health journey of the families we connect with. We do our level best to ensure that our guests feel empowered and educated to make sound health choices.

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