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Dr Dan Hanson

Dr Dan is Co-founder of The Myofunctional Space. He graduated as a dentist from the University of Sheffield Dental School in 2003. Since 2012 all his work has had a myofunctional focus.

In 2012 he qualified as a Breathing Educator with The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH). Soon after, he invented the Sleepystrip exclusive nasal breathing lip tape.

Dan’s role at The Myofunctional Space is as a clinical director, myofunctional dentist, myofunctional therapist and Buteyko breathing educator.

Dan is a seasoned educator in all things relating to sleep, breathing and oral myofunctional work, having lectured to thousands of health professionals across multiple disciplines all over the world. Locations have included the USA, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Japan.

He has co-founded several projects relating to myofunctional work, including Myofocus, The Tongue Tie Institute and of course The Myofunctional Space.

Dr Mona Board

Dr Mona Board earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at King’s College, London in 2002. She went on to work in London, Geneva and most recently in Singapore, where she practiced holistic dentistry. This included thorough holistic check ups, biological gum care, myofunctional orthodontics, Invisalign, SMART amalgam removal and jawbone cavitation diagnosis. 

Dr Mona is particularly passionate about myofunctional orthodontics and has completed courses in Myobrace, ALF appliances, tongue tie diagnosis and surgery along with oral myofunctional exercises ( both taught by Dr Dan!) as well as foundations of orthopaedic orthodontics. 

Dr Mona also has a keen interest in energy healing. Modalities she uses include Reiki and coloured light therapy. She is also a qualified Qigong instructor.

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