The Myofunctional Space

Reine DuBois

Reine DuBois is an Integrative Naturopath and founder of The Health Lodge in Byron Bay. She has a special interest in chronic illness and complex conditions, such as tick borne disease, mould related illnesses, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hormonal related illnesses and heavy metal toxicity.

Luke Szabo

Luke is an experienced & passionate Senior Integrative Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Alchemical Herbalist who holds an Adjunct Professional Fellow position with the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine. He is a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association and The Institute for Functional Medicine (USA), and incorporates traditional Naturopathic Medicine with a modern Functional Medicine approach to provide a truly holistic treatment for his patients.

Renee Dyson-Holland

As a highly experienced Byron Bay Naturopath, Renee Dyson-Holland focuses on helping women optimise their health. She specialises in a range of issues including Postnatal Depletion, Endometriosis, painful periods, lowered libido and endocrine problems.

Kristie Folkes

Kristie is an integrative Naturopath with over 20 years of experience helping children, teens and adults achieve optimal health and wellbeing. She thrives on supporting patients to set and attain realistic health goals while overcoming obstacles.

Hannah Cunningham

Hannah is an integrative and functional Naturopath with a deep understanding of nutritional biochemistry and routine pathology testing who works with her clients to identify the main drivers of what’s causing imbalance within the body.

Dr Ann-Mary Amber

Dr Ann-Mary Amber is a patient-centred doctor who provides holistic integrative care, to effectively support patients and their needs throughout their health journey.

Dr Oscar Serrallach

Dr Oscar Serrallach is the foremost expert on fourth trimester healing and the author of The Post Natal Depletion Cure. He is an Integrative GP practicing functional medicine at The Health Lodge in Byron Bay.

Dr Joe Monteith

Dr Joe Monteith is a specialist GP who works with an integrative and multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, customised to the presenting needs of his patients.